What is the American Culture Program?

The American Culture program is a special 8 credit course during Spring Session Four that gives Randolph College students a unique opportunity to learn about American culture firsthand. American Culture students learn from readings, film viewings, class discussions, visiting speakers, and all-expenses-paid travel (both day-long and overnight trips). Interested full-time sophomore, junior, and senior Randolph College students are encouraged to apply.

The lens through which this program examines American Culture changes every two years. This year’s theme is “Working for the Weekend: An Exploration of Labor, Leisure, and Music in the United States.” The course is taught by the Director of the American Culture Program, Dr. Julio Rodriguez, and the Ainsworth Visiting Assistant Professor, Dr. Connor Kenaston.

Scroll through the gallery of American Culture posters of current and past topics, including “Reproductive Justice,” “The Struggle for Native Lands in the American West,” and “Drugs in American Culture.”